Why Trust CNAs for Medication Administration

Why Trust CNAs for Medication Administration

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) has a wide range of responsibilities when it comes to providing patient care. Because of this, they can be easily hired in many healthcare facilities, whether it’s for home health care agencies, nursing homes, or hospitals. As a provider of Home Nursing Solutions in Maryland, we are witnesses as to how a CNA’s work capabilities are exceptionally useful.

For patients who need diligent medication administration, CNA plays a vital role in ensuring that they adhere to their medications. There is a rising number of CNAs today who have received training in medication administration. Here are a few reasons why CNA is very in-demand to meet the needs of Medical Staffing in Baltimore, Maryland particularly in matters of medication administration.

  • Critical Thinking
    CNAs are trained to make quick and correct responses to patient’s needs even if they have many patients to attend to. They have medical knowledge, sufficient to answer the medical inquiries of the patient or their loved ones. They can also provide relevant advice to the patient with regard to their medication or condition.
  • Effective Observation Skills
    CNAs are also trained to observe and discern the needs and condition of a patient especially when they are unable to fully express what they are going through. They will know whether the patient has adhered to their medication or not based on their observations. They will then report their findings to the RN (Registered Nurse) or the patient’s primary physician.
  • Excellent Documentation
    CNAs are also proficient in taking down notes and instructions provided by the patient’s physician. With these well-documented instructions, they can ensure that the patient has complied with the medication being prescribed. They will also record the patient’s adverse reactions to the medicines, if any, so that the doctors will know if it’s necessary to replace their medication or adjust the dosage.

In our Residential Service Agency in Edgewood, Maryland, we have a pool of compassionate and experienced CNAs who are ready to fill in the ranks in your healthcare facility. At Certified Home Nursing Solutions LLC, let us help you ensure quality patient care by providing you with the CNAs you need.

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