Personal Care Attendants: Facts You Need to Know


Most people are aware of the general duties and responsibilities of personal care attendants, but not a lot of people are knowledgeable of the qualities necessary to be able to give the utmost care to those who need it. This article is dedicated to all the personal care attendants in the home nursing solutions in Edgewood, Maryland who tirelessly care and nurture:

  1. Custom Care for Different Care Recipients

    Personal Care Attendants are extremely in-tuned with the needs of their care recipients. They know the right time to adjust and when not to depending on their patient’s support requirements. For instance, they might be asked to cook with specific dietary restrictions in mind or be required to prepare the bath at a certain temperature. There’s no such thing as “petty” for them when it comes to caregiving. All our personal care attendants are recognized and have attended training courses in Basic First Aid, observation, reporting, and recording, and many more.

    Before deploying personal care attendants to the homes of the recipients, they also coordinate with the doctors to talk about the obligations vital in giving the recipient the best care possible. This coordination continues on the entire duration of their assistance to be able to give updates to the doctor about the recipient’s progress among other things.

  2. They Know How To Listen and Communicate

    The doctors aren’t the only ones that personal care attendants keep in touch with. They also have to communicate with the recipient’s other family members and other healthcare provider for check-ups. This is to make sure that everyone is on-board with the recipient’s health requirements as well as to seek advice whenever available.

    More importantly, listening and communicating channels between the recipient and the personal care attendant is crucial in ensuring that everything is in sync – the medication schedule, eating timetable, grocery lists, medical appointments, and other engagements are carried out.

  3. Masters at Relationship Building

    The care recipient’s family members are encouraged to take an active role when it comes to their loved one’s care, which is why it’s essential for the personal care attendant to consult with them on a regular basis. These meetings aren’t just for updates, but also include consultation to address their concerns regarding the client’s health, nutrition, and overall well-being. They have a tremendous responsibility to the care recipient but more so with the recipient’s family.

    In the end, they have the potential to build a healthy relationship not only to the patient but to everyone around him or her as well.

  4. Have A Deep Sense of Compassion

    As a general rule, personal care attendants have a good physical condition, have access to a reliable mode of transportation and, perhaps most of all, enjoy helping those in need. They provide their care to those in need with a set of goals in mind. These include helping the recipient achieve:

  • Maintenance of current health condition
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Slow decline

Compassion is the driving force that pushes them to provide care to those in need. For that, we thank them!

If your loved one needs a personal care attendant, don’t hesitate to contact us at Certified Home Nursing Solutions LLC through 443-456-6779.

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