Healthy Dietary Reminders for Our Senior Loved Ones

Healthy Dietary Reminders for Our Senior Loved Ones

Reaching our senior season is a major milestone that should be celebrated. However, even while celebrating, we still need to be more cautious about our food intake. The kinds of food we eat can help us enjoy quality life as we grow older.

As a provider of Home Nursing Solutions in Maryland, let us share with you some helpful reminders to have a healthy diet as a senior person.

  • Consume Energy-Boosting Foods
    Seniors should have sufficient energy to prevent falls and improve their cognition. Foods rich in Vitamin B12 provide this needed energy. You can find this vitamin in mackerel, sardines, and beef liver.
  • Take Dietary Fiber
    Many fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber that helps improve one’s digestion. Seniors need to have good digestion so nutrients are distributed well.
  • Eat Bone-healthy Foods
    Calcium is an essential mineral for strengthening the bones. So ensure that your grandma or grandpa’s diet includes calcium-rich foods such as non-fat milk and dairy. Aside from these, you can also go for calcium-fortified food options such as cereals and bread.
  • Cut on Salt
    Salt has a sodium content that leads to an increase in blood pressure levels. A good alternative for food flavoring is herbs and spices. Prepare home-cooked meals so you know the amount of salt added to the food. Care providers from our Residential Service Agency in Edgewood, Maryland can also help you with meal preparation.
  • Drink Fruit or Vegetable Smoothies
    Some seniors have swallowing problems. But these problems should not keep a senior person from consuming healthy foods. To resolve that, fruits and vegetables can be turned into smoothies, making them easier to swallow.
  • Eat Skin-Friendly Foods
    Seniors can also have dry skin. To prevent this, they need to take foods rich in vitamins C and E. These can protect the skin from age-related dryness and irritation.

Are you struggling to follow through a dietary plan? Our Medical Staffing in Baltimore, Maryland can refer you to a trusted care assistant. If you have inquiries, contact us at Certified Home Nursing Solutions LLC.

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