Depression in Men: 10 Things You Need to Know


What’s your personal take on depression? Is it something you should be ashamed of? How can you be of help? As a provider of Home Nursing Solutions in Edgewood, Maryland, we would like to get this thing straight: depression is not a weakness, depression is a mental illness, and most of all, depression transcends gender.

In many healthcare facilities, patients can develop depression, especially if they have chronic conditions or have reached the aging years. So what’s so intriguing about depression in men? According to WebMD, there has been an observed difference between men and women in showing depression. Consider the quick list below:

  1. Symptoms
    Depression is usually associated with long-term sadness. But as what can be mostly observed in men, their symptom is more of showing irritation and consistent anger, especially to their close relations.
  2. Isolation
    When men get clinically depressed, they tend to isolate themselves from others. Unlike the women who would want to find someone to share their emotions with, men tend to treat their condition “like a man” and so they try to resolve it on their own.
  3. Aggressive reaction
    When men are depressed, they tend to be aggressive in their behavior. Their partners will need an extra dose of understanding and patience to see through what their beloved is suffering from.
  4. Life triggers
    As with everybody else, depression is triggered by major life changes. Note that the trigger is just a trigger, but the depression could have already been there in a subdued state. When triggered by the loss of a close loved one, job loss, or diagnosis of terminal illness, depression can turn on.
  5. Alcoholism
    When men get depressed, most of them turn to alcoholic drinks for dependency. For this reason, there’s a close association between alcohol dependency and depression among men.
  6. Heart disease
    Depression can be an opening for illnesses, such as heart disease, shortening their life faster.
  7. Suicidal tendency
    Suicidal thoughts also become a familiar occurrence in a patient who’s depressed. In men, the suicidal tendency can be riskier as they tend to keep things to themselves and so no one may be able to stop them.
  8. Accelerated aging
    Depression can also make a man look older than their original age.
  9. Diagnosis
    Depression in men needs to be diagnosed. If you’re suspecting that you have it, or if you suspect your loved one has it, strive to persuade them to get a check-up. A clear diagnosis can lead to earlier intervention.
  10. Treatable
    Thankfully, depression is not the end. It’s treatable with intervention from healthcare professionals. Common treatments include psychotherapy, hormone replacement, and antidepressants.

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