7 Commendable Qualities of a Personal Care Attendant


Some people draw strength from PCAs every day. Who are they exactly and what are they capable of doing?

PCAs or Personal Care Attendants are workers in the healthcare industry who assist patients at home in doing house chores, running errands, performing personal hygiene practices, bathing, grooming, and the likes. They also get patients engaged in fun and productive activities at home. People faced with old age, injuries, or illnesses are the ones who mostly need assistance from PCAs.

Are you in search of a PCA for a loved one at home who has fragile health? Find somebody who has the following qualities:

  • Genuinely Compassionate

    Get a PCA who shows natural concern for needing patients, prompting them to deliver quality care and assistance for patients’ ease. A genuinely compassionate PCA shows sensitivity to the needs of others and sympathy for what patients are currently dealing with.

  • Greatly Respectful

    It is important to find a PCA who is sure to not disrespect your loved ones, make fun of their condition, make them feel inferior and insignificant, and downgrade their independence. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. Your loved one isn’t exempted from that.

  • Generous with Patience

    It cannot be denied that caring for the fragile or ill at home isn’t always a hassle-free task. Sometimes, it requires a lot of the care provider’s emotions, thoughts, strength, and understanding. Patience is one virtue PCAs must possess. It’s their key to carrying through despite the stresses of their job and the peculiar patients they’d have to deal with. Patience would even be a great weapon to use to put up with patients who normally act out and display extreme behaviors.

  • Greatly Flexible

    It is an advantage that PCAs are flexible with their jobs. This means they can shift from one responsibility to another and still nail each one. They can multitask if necessary. In their versatility, they are careful not to produce chaotic outputs.

  • Good Communicator

    Hire a PCA for your loved one who can clearly communicate the following: your loved one’s care plan, the specifics of the services the PCA is about to do, and any necessary update or assessment regarding the patient’s condition.

  • Gifted with Initiative

    Choose a PCA who is attentive to your loved one’s needs and is prompt in responding to different situations. It’s a plus factor that they work with initiative rather than sitting on the job all day, waiting for instructions to be given.

  • Gentle and supportive

    PCAs also better possess gentleness as carers who provide comfort and persuasiveness in cheering patients up from negativities about their condition. Even though emotional support is not the main thing that PCAs provide, it can still do wonders when a client or patient is feeling down because of their health.

As a provider of Home Nursing Solutions in Edgewood, Maryland, Certified Home Nursing Solutions LLC can offer Medical Staffing in Maryland. If it’s PCAs that are in great demand, we are here to answer the need.

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