4 Ways to Prevent Kidney Stones

 4 Ways to Prevent Kidney Stones

We understand that kidney stones can cause tremendous pain in the body. When there is lack of water intake, different kinds of salts and minerals present in the kidney begin to crystallize. When these stones pass through the urinary tract, patients could feel the excruciating pain it cause. Here are some ways to prevent kidney stones.

Increase fluid intake

Drinking plenty of water will help weaken the formation of a kidney stone. Drinking water provides a setting inside the kidney that will avoid the chances of salts and minerals, such as calcium and oxalate, to stick with each other. Moreover, water makes it less concentrated. This is because water dilutes it. On a side note, drinking fluids rich in citrus is also helpful. Drinks like orange juice and lemonade contain citric acid which can help you get rid of the excess salts and minerals.

Limit intake of salty foods

Most of the time, we find it hard to resist French fries or potato chips, especially when these are offered to us. We even tend to grab that saltshaker on the table when our meals are too bland. Salt plays a huge role when it comes to flavoring our food. We love our sodium chloride. But salt is also one of the biggest contributors to forming kidney stones. If you want to effectively avoid kidney stones, you should consider limiting your salt intake. According to experts, sodium facilitates compounds that makes the level of risk for kidney stones higher.

Limit foods rich in oxalate

Kidney stones that are formed vary a lot depending on their composition. One common type of kidney stone is the one that is rich in calcium oxalate. These are compounds that are most likely present in the kidneys during urine formation. Oxalate is found dominant in almost all plants that we consider for food. If you want to go on a vegetarian diet, you might want to limit those foods rich in oxalate. Foods such as rhubarb, spinach, some nuts, and beets can lead to kidney stones.

Increase calcium in your diet

Health experts during our Training Courses always recommend increase calcium intake in your diet as this can decrease your chances of getting kidney stones. Studies found that calcium can prevent oxalate levels from rising, thereby decreasing the likelihood of stone formation. So, don’t hold back whenever you find yourself relishing on your favorite dairy products.

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