10 Tricks to Sleep Better and Faster


Has sleeping been your problem of late? For many Americans, especially the senior population, sleeping has become difficult to attain. There are varied reasons why seniors face problems in falling asleep but the truth remains that a good amount of sleep provides benefits to their overall health. Hence, as a provider of Home Nursing Solutions in Edgewood, Maryland, we’ll be sharing these tricks to attain that good sleep for an improved well-being.

  1. Do something active for 10 minutes
    This is ideal if you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep. Do something that involves your hands and head, such as playing a jigsaw puzzle. Also, ensure that you get out of bed to train your brain with the stimulus that the bed is only for sleeping.
  2. Keep your clock away
    Sometimes, looking at the clock’s long hand ticking the seconds away can increase the level of anxiety which results in insufficient sleep. Try hiding away that clock.
  3. Adjust room temperature
    A cooler atmosphere in a darker room helps regulate your body clock thus endorsing a good and long sleep.
  4. Shower before sleeping
    To be exact, get a warm shower before stepping into a cool room to quicken your metabolism into adjusting to the sleep mode.
  5. Put on socks before sleeping
    Wearing socks can warm your feet, resulting to the widening of the blood vessels of your skin and increases the body’s loss of heat. As a result, better sleep is induced.
  6. Spray lavender scent in your room
    The aroma of the lavender flower is very relaxing to the nerves as it helps lower a person’s blood pressure. As a result, they can put to sleep better and longer.
  7. Think of beauty and calmness
    Visualize the beautiful and calming location and imagine you’re in there. It gives you a sense of focus that relaxes you from your anxious thoughts and helps you achieve a good and satisfying sleep.
  8. Play some classical music
    The characteristic slowness of a classical music has been observed to lull any person to sleep. It is also seen to help reduce depression.
  9. Take dinner by candlelight
    The reason for this is that when you set your sight on a dim environment hours before you go to sleep, your body’s melatonin increases, thus encouraging you more to sleep.
  10. Practice relaxation techniques
    Whether with a professional or on your own, relaxation techniques can help orient your body to reduce the tension, and thus, sleep better.

If you’re assisting a senior loved one with difficulty sleeping, you can try applying any of these tricks and see which one works best for them. At Certified Home Nursing Solutions LLC, we can also assist you in finding the right care provider who can help watch over your loved one as they go to sleep. Don’t hesitate to inquire about our services especially if you need Medical Staffing in Maryland.

What other sleep tricks can you share? Comment them below!

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